A wonderful way to celebrate the birth of your child is with a Naming Ceremony. Introduce and welcome your little treasure into the world and your family.

Your Ceremony can include many things. It can include commitments and promises to your new bundle of joy. It may be a joining of families or you may like to include introducing Godparents/Guideparents to make commitments to support and guide your child as they grow.

A Naming Ceremony is a celebration of Family and Life, and you will be presented with a Commemorative certificate as a rememberance of this special day.

Every Ceremony is unique as is every milestone in your life.

Contact me to discuss how I can assist you as your celebrant to create your ceremony that represents who you are.


There are many rituals and wonderful things that you could incorporate into your ceremony. The list is endless and up to your imagination, but here are a couple of suggestions to help kickstart your thought process.

There are no legalities involved with a Naming Ceremony. They are more of a celebration of the gift of life, family, love and the miracle of birth.

Naming Ceremonies Sand Ceremonies

Sand Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies Candle Lighting

Candle Lighting

Naming Ceremonies Plant a Tree

Planting a Tree

Naming Ceremonies Time Capsule

Time Capsules